Real Name: Becca Fraser
Race: Human in body, Dragon in spirit
Gender: Female
Physical Location: Chehalis WA
Physical Discription: 130lbs, 5'8ish, and you'd miss me in a crowd. Yes, that's actually a picture of me. It's my favorite picture and the one I use for anything that needs an actual picture of me.

About: What is there to tell.... I write... I read... I roleplay.... I make "My Little Pony" AMV's... oh yeah, I'm cool....

At least that's what I tell myself. I ran a Vampire LARP game (but it died after a more than a year) as well as several tabletop games when I can manage to get players together. At the moment I'm playing games though, not running them for once. I attend SCA events when I can, I'm making chainmail at the moment... a hint to anyone that wants chainmail, buy it, it's much easier and faster that way. I live in the middle of nowhere, well not really, I've been to the middle of nowhere before, I live a bit out of the way is all. I can drive to a big city in a couple of hours if I wanted to. I do live on a farm though. I have a mustang, the horse, not the car. My car is a PT Cruiser. Well I had a PT Cruiser... some idiot drove into me so that car went bey bey.... my PT won though. Now I have a Hyundai Santa Fe. It's blue, and you'd be amazed how much stuff can fit in one. I'm the most disorganized obsessive compulsive person I know, as you can probably tell from trying to follow this little piece here. Isn't really logical at all is it? well it makes sense to me at least.

Oh! I'm a Socktafarian, becasue I refuse to be involved in any serious politics.

And as a last rather random note, pirates are better than ninjas

yes... I copied that off my MySpace page, maybe someday I'll decide to take the time and write an actual bio but right now, not worth the effort.