Otherkin and Dragons
Dragon Realms
   A dragon otherkin community site
   A dragon otherkin community site
   An otherkin community site
   An otherkin community site

Other Sites of Interest


My Stuff Elsewhere

Deviant Art
   Site for displaying art of all kinds
   Yes I have one... and if you don't know what this is you're obviously not internet savvy
   Site for videos, my pony AMVs can be found here

Web Comics Cause I'm addicted

   Not really an online comic, but a comic that's online nonetheless
ElGoonish Shive
   Complete crazyness, with plot! Transgender transforming fun.
8-bit Theater
   The story of the FF1 light warriors, with a bit of a twist. Just read it, it's genious... go fighter!
   My Little Ponies, on crack or something. Not that great of an updater, but amusing anyway
The Dreamland Chronicles
   An interesting concept, and 3D art... inovative I'd say.
Treasure Hunters
   This one has improved a lot over it's lifetime... and it's got a pretty interesting plot to boot.
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventuers
   Based on Furcadia, great art, and updates fairly regularly.
Two Lumps
   Who wouldn't enjoy the adventuers of two over fed cats?
Something Happens
   Complete and utter randomness
College Roomies from Hell
   Were Cyoties, tentacles and soul cats... don't ask, just read
Never Never
   Arthur, the Black Night, greatness.
   Is pretty
   For the nongamer
   The other one the artist did was more amusing, but this one is more serious. Still cool.
Sorcery 101
   Mages, vampires, werewolves oh my
Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
   The seer is the main character.. very fond of puns
Geebas on Parade
   If you LARP, read
Devil's Panties
   No, it's not demonic porn
No Pink Ponies
   Ah the life of a female geek
Count Your Sheep
   Sheep and sleepy child... cuteness!
   I love the meshing of two worlds this comic uses
VG Cats
   Cats making fun of games