I think everyone, wether they know it or not, wants something more from this world. Something more than the day to day we all walk through. Something beyond, something to hope for, to strive to catch a glimpse of and maybe be a part of. I hope to give those that seek, something to find.

This is a site to find information on magic, otherkinism and simply a different world view. Most of what will be here is what I have gathered from my own experience.

What to Find Where

To Be Something Else
Writing on Otherkin

The World At Large
Essays and writings that don't quite fit somewhere. Most are meant to be somewhat of an mind opener

Touch Something More
My experiences with magic, psyonics, energy healing, and so forth

Glamour Bombing
A few words on glamour bombing, and hopefully my own attempts at some point

Becoming Dragon
A cross over of the personal part of my website with my more personal growth and experience as a dragon.

Further Places to Look
A list of other sites to go check out

Back To The Cross Roads
This will take you to the central index of my site where you can find the other pages I have created and posted


Yes two updates in one day... I have an essay up in "The World at Large" now. Go read it. It amazed my creative writing class. It was my creative nonfiction piece.

The site has direction and is linked to my central page now. Next, is content. If anyone wants to help feel free to send me useful stuff at admin@fatalshade.net